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The variety Xeleven* was created by the French Breeder Jean-Luc Carrieres, member of the Italo/French group and company Red Moon. Red Moon® is owner of all rights, created and registered the trademark SWING®. Plant material is produced under the name SWING® Xeleven* by Braun Nurseries (ITA) and Escande Nursery(FRA).

Note Club variety: The variety/brand is introduced as a coordinated global system. This means that the plants are available exclusively for producers of licensed partners.

The variety Xeleven*


  • Firm structure with high juice content
  • Fine elegant texture
  • Crunchy and juicy
  • Balance between sugar and acidity – tendency towards sweetness
  • Blushed, bright red colour
  • High percentage of overcolour and nice lenticels
  • Cylindric fruit shape


The variety is scab resistant, tolerant (fire blight, aphids, powdery mildew), robust (cancer). The variety works for both, conventional and biologic cultivation. Relatively easy to grow, cost-saving because resistant. Bicolor with good Packout (70-80%), experience in cultivation (long tests), suitable for „Responsible Farming“, also for lower areas.


Harvest around Fuji


Very long storage without losses/storage diseases, watercore disappears after a little while in storage, robust apple with good Shelf-life

In cultivation we promote biodiversity, closeness to nature and sustainability. This is what the slogan „natural more“ stands for.

SWING® Xeleven* is scab resistant, low susceptible to powdery mildew and aphids – just perfect for biologic orcharding too.

The variety allows sustainable and fair orcharding with a high packout. A successful combination aims to create value for all members of the supply chain, from the breeder to the consumer.


Who we are

The variety Xeleven* was bred by the French breeder Jean-Luc Carrieres and Escande Nursery. Together with the Dutch consultant Hans Scholten, the Italian marketer Clementi Brothers and KIKU Variety Management by the Braun Brothers (known for the global brand KIKU), the RED MOON Company was founded.

Variety and trademark rights, as well as the concept/models, are owned by the Red Moon Company. The group brings together know how in managed and branded varieties, as well as global partnerships.

Quality is the credo of the group, which aims to encourage consumers to eat healthy fruits. This only works with highest quality in the job, in order to have the strategy professionally adapted to variety, country, marketing and consumer.

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