Variety & Trademark

The variety Xeleven(s) was created by the French breeder Jean-Luc Carrieres, member of the italo/french group and company Red Moon. Red Moon is owner of all rights, created and registered the trademark SWING®. Plant material is produced under the name SWING® Xeleven(s) by Braun Nurseries (ITA) and Escande Nursery (FRA).

The variety Xeleven

SWING® ´s taste is just wonderful: the crunchy Xeleven fruit convinces for juiciness, elegant texture and special aroma. Those characteristics and the good balance sugars-acidity make it to a perfect apple with a sweet touch. The appearance is striking, sympathic, of red blush colour with a high percentage of overcolour and nice lenticels. The fruits shape is cylindric.

Harvest time is around Fuji. Due to the good overcolor of all fruits not too many pickings are necessary, the harvest window is large and fruit fall not a problem. Storage is easy and not problematic, the shelf life very good. Added to the fact that the apple is consumable off the tree, the sales potential is huge.
In the nursery the variety is easy, as well as in orcharding. SWING® Xeleven(s) is productive, and special attention must be given to thinning.

In France there is lots of test blocks, in Italy a pilot orchard of several hectares is about to be planted: this blocks are managed by the international expert Luis Clementi, member of our group.

ORGANIC ORCHARDING: SWING® Xeleven(s) is scab resistant, low susceptible to powdery mildew and aphids – just perfect for biologic orcharding, too.

All those characteristics convinced us to accompany SWING® with the slogan „natural more”. This adds to another resistant apple of ours, the snack apple ISAAQ® CIV323(s) „natural snack”.

“natural more”

„natural more“ aims for a premium and value we want to achieve with a clever strategy, fair work and good alliances.

The variety allows sustainable and fair orcharding with a high packout. The Red Moon group chooses carefully like minded Partner in production and sales, is expert for the launch of a new brand / variety.
This successful combination aims to create value for all members of the supply chain, from the breeder to the consumer.

Possibilities for everybody

Because of the special characteristics of Xeleven, we developped several concepts and models for partnerships. Both conventional and organic orcharding are possible, as well as for juicing. Any questions you have, just drop us a mail:

The Group – Who are we?

LTR: Jürgen and Thomas Braun (KIKU Variety Management), Benoit Escande (Escande Nursery), Jean-Luc Carrieres, Hans Scholten, Luis Clementi (Fratelli Clementi), Stefan Klotz (KIKU)

The variety Xeleven was bred by French Jean-Luc Carrieres and Escande nursery. Together with the Dutch consultant Hans Scholten, Italian marketer Fratelli Clementi and KIKU Variety Management of Braun brothers, known for the global brand KIKU, the RED MOON COMPANY has been formed.

Variety and trademark rights are owned by RED MOON company, as well as the concept/models.

The group brings together know how of the whole supply chain, know how in managed and branded varieties, as well as global partnerships. Quality is the credo of the group, wanting to positively “shock” the consumer, create new consumption, which only works with highest quality in the job, in order to have the strategy professionally adapted to variety, country, marketing and consumer.

See the flyer here: SWING Apple Flyer

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